Piano rebuilding

Your piano may need partial or total rebuilding

Trust the professional, when deciding which option is the right one.

Piano with a new look after being rebuilt

Take the opportunity, to make your piano sing sweetly again

Some of the actions or replacements, which your piano professional will consider are: 

  • Repair or replace bridges
  • Repair or replace soundboard
  • Pinblock repair or replacement
  • Perform restringing
  • Repair or replace pedals and/or dampers
  • Action repair / regulation replacement

A piano is a work of art, in itself

Wear occurs over time, in a piano. You may not notice the change in sound or tone, because it happens so gradually. Mr. Foster possesses the high – level, technical skills which are necessary, to restore your piano like new condition.

Tasks which he will likely perform are:

  • Complete disassembly of all parts of the instrument.
  • Replacement of all damaged or worn parts, including action, keyboard and case.
  • Finally, your piano is reassembled, tested and adjusted to original condition, or better.

If you want your piano to have a long life and produce top quality sound, put it in the tender care of Derek today!

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